EEE Shop BD is retail and wholesale electrical, electronic & industrial online shop in Bangladesh. All kinds of electronic products such as robotics, sensors, Arduino, Solar, ICs, Microcontroller, Drone, Brushless motor, ESC, PLC, HMI, VFD, etc. available in our shop. If you need a special product which is not available in our shop we will provide you that items by international sourcing. We ship your ordered products anywhere in Bangladesh within three days. We also supervise or doing any kind of university project.

We sell good quality products at the lowest price. We have more than 1000 products in different categories. EEE Shop BD is a dream online shop about Electronic and Electrical Student. Our store has different components for the electrical electronic project. We also helped students in making their university project. We have a brilliant R&D Team. We also supply industrial electrical component such as PLC, HMI, VFD, Breaker, Magnetic contractor, Serov motor, Encoder, Proximity sensor, Photosensor. Etc. All category are listed below:

  1. Resistor
  2. Capacitor
  3. Diode
  4. Inductor
  5. Led
  6. Battery
  7. ICS
  8. Microcontroller
  9. Sensors
  10. Module
  11. Arduino
  12. Raspberry PI
  13. Digital Electronic
  14. Solar
  15. Solar Controller
  16. Solar accessories
  17. Brushless motor
  18. Electronic Speed Controller
  19. RC Frame
  20. LIPO Battery
  21. Fight Controller
  22. RC Remote Controller
  23. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  24. HMI (Human Machine Interfacing)
  25. VFD (Variable Frequency Driver)
  26. CCTV accessories


EEE Shop BD flow Bangladesh privet organization administration law. We are always given priority about buyer opinion. All rules and regulation are given below

Retail and Wholesale Policy:

Any Buyer can buy any product on Retail price and Wholesale price. Retail and Wholesale price depends on the ordered quantity. Our all product price divided into four scales according to quantity. For example, if any buyer buys 100 pes resistor he/she can buy only 13 Taka. If he/she buys more than 1000 the price is 12 Taka.


Products Delivery Policy: 

We ship your product anywhere in Bangladesh. According to the Shipment area, the shipping prices will set. The Shipment price between 50 Taka to 100 Taka. We ship your order by biddut, shondorbon, S A poribohone, etc. You can get delivery from our wirehouse without a delivery charge. When you place an order please mention your specific address and mobile number.

Payment Method:

We support Bkash and Rocket payment. In Dhaka city, we support cash on delivery. Our Bkash Merchant number is +8801972166635 and Rocket number is +8801972166636


Product Return Policy:

EEEshopBD always sells the best quality product. When you receive your product please check properly if any product has any problem please make a complaint on +8801972166635.  Our administration department contracts with you. EEEshopBD doesn’t take any complaint after delivery complete.

International Sourcing:

If any product is not available in our store but is available in the international markets like aliexpress and Alibaba. We will take orders by phone call. For international sourcing products, we must give 100 present advances. After giving your order place you will get your product 20 days later. For getting any product price please call +8801972166635.


University project:

We always give support to university students about their final year thesis project. We completed many projects such as AVR microcontroller based firefighter robot, Line flower robot, Obstacle avoiding robot, Bluetooth control robot, Arduino base Smart automation, Smart solar power generation, Smart rotary car parking system, etc. If you fill any problem with robot making please contact us at +8801972166634.

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